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fish-based meals

Pescatarian? Bodrum Has You Covered

Try our pescatarian meals at Bodrum.

At Bodrum, we appreciate all types of eating lifestyles. In fact, we are up to the challenge of meeting your needs, as well as providing the best dishes we can. So, if you are a pescatarian and looking for something to eat, we have you covered. Our menu has plenty of fish-based meals and appetizers. You can still enjoy Turkish cuisine without missing out on any of the exquisite flavors we are known for.

Pescatarian Appetizers to Start With

When it comes to dishes that don’t involve meat, we don’t sacrifice taste or choice. You’ll be surprised at how well our appetizers complement your eating lifestyle. As a patron of our restaurant, you’ll have plenty of appetizers to choose from, including:

  • Crispy Calamari – Breaded calamari with marinara dipping sauce is a classic. There is nothing better than the savory, yet sometimes fishy taste of these small squids. The most notable aspect of these delicacies is their chewy and gummy texture, making it one of the more unique dishes you will eat. If you have never had calamari before, be the adventurous type and give it a try.
  • Pilaki – If you are interested in a more vegetarian option before your dinner, we have the delicious pilaki. This fine Turkish mezze is a mix of cannellini beans with garlic, potatoes & extra virgin olive oil. It’s an interesting dish where everything is cooked together, melding the wonderful flavors for a great taste.
  • Mucver – Looking for a meal that is sure to be a vegetarian’s delight? Look no further than mucver. These zucchini patties are similar in shape to pancakes and fritters. Mucver is made with crumbled French feta, fresh dill & scallions, and topped with yummy garlic yogurt sauce. It’s a meal you have to try at least once.
  • Karides Guvec – If you need more shrimp in your life, karides guvec is the way to go. We serve this tasty shrimp casserole with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Karides guvec is also made with kasseri cheese, a key ingredient that is popular amongst the best of foodies. We are sure that the cheese’s buttery taste will not disappoint.

Pescatarian meal, Bean Stew Turkish Barbunya Pilaki.Pescatarian Dinner Dishes You Should Try

Another thing you won’t be disappointed with is our main courses at Bodrum. Thankfully, we have a wide variety of options that are sure to satisfy your taste and give you a proper introduction to Mediterranean cuisine. During your visit, try any of these delicious meals:

  • Vegetable/Fish Tagine – Tagine is an old dish that dates back to the 9th century, and is cooked in an earthenware pot. It’s a dish we love so much that we have three different versions of it! Like most Mediterranean restaurants, we have lamb tagine. However, for our vegetarian and pescatarian friends, we also make a vegetable tagine and Moroccan Fish tagine.
  • Roasted Branzino – Nothing hits the spot better than a really good fish. Our roasted branzino is made with fennel, lemon and bay leaves. We also serve this delicious meal with pistachio relish and sautéed mix vegetables. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them.
  • Coriander Crusted Salmon – If you want to change up your usual evening meal, try our coriander crusted salmon. This meal uses many of the wonderful spices that Mediterranean cuisine is known for. We pan-sear our salmon and serve it with ratatouille.
  • Variety of Pizzas – Nothing says New York like a good slice of pizza. At Bodrum, our brick oven pizzas are to die for. We make everything from the classic Italian pepperoni pizza to more unique pies with pear and walnuts. We have 16 different types of pizza available, all fresh and ready.

Bodrum: Mediterranean Restaurant

Is your mouth salivating at the thought of our superb dishes? Then don’t wait, come down to Bodrum. Our restaurant is welcome to all walks of life. Try some of the best Mediterranean cuisine New York has to offer.