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The Different Types of Kebab

The Different Types of Kebab

Everyone enjoys a great meal consisting of meat or fish and grilled or roasted vegetables. These hearty and delicious foods taste even better when they are lined up artistically on a wooden skewer and cooked over an open flame. This method of cooking meats and vegetables, dates back to the 17th century Greek culture. Adopting this cooking technique in the 18th century, Turkish recipes delivers the unmistakable unique flavors of the region.

Chicken Adana

Common all over the country of Turkey, the Chicken Adana is a concoction of hand-minced chicken and a complimentary chili. The chicken is hand-minced and seasoned with traditional Turkish herbs and spices. This mixture is then grilled on a flat metal skewer known as a shish. This form of the kebab is known for the association with the Adana region.

Beyti Kebab

Lamb or beef is the main meat components of this kebab. The variations of this kebab include serving wrapped in an edible doughy vessel called a lavish with a topping of yogurt and tomato sauce. This version of the kebab is particularly popular in larger cities of Turkey.

Adana kebap with rice and salads

Adana kebap with rice and salads

Adana Kebab

This signature dish of Turkey’s Adana City contains the spices of red hot chili flakes, onion, garlic, and paprika. The beef or beef and lamb mixture is hand minced and formed into a large log shape around a thick flat iron skewer. The spices infused in this meat cause it to be a hot version of the kebab. This large flat paddle of meat is then grilled over open charcoal heat. The version Urfa kebabi is not as hot. They often serve these hollow logs of spiced meat with grilled vegetables as well.

Chicken Sis Kebab

Creating a chicken sis kebab requires the layering of pieces of flattened chicken onto a metal skewer. Diners may include pieces of fruits or vegetables on the skewer. Placing this metal post over an open fire, it roasts slowly and evenly.

Turkish Sis Kebab

A turkish sis kebab can contain a number of different ingredients. Chefs can use any type of meat. Popular choices for dishes include lamb, chicken, beef, goat, fish, or pork. These meats are then either pounded flat or hand minced and formed around a metal rod. This rod of meat is then either roasted or grilled over an open flame. The fire source of wood or charcoal also lends to the unique taste of these kebabs.

This unique taste is also due to the spices and herbs that the Turkish people typically use. Onion, garlic, paprika, sumac, oregano, hot red pepper flakes, mint, allspice, cumin, cinnamon, sesame seeds, Nigella seeds and yogurt. Combining these Turkish inspired spices results in a delightful culmination of flavor and aroma.

Regional vegetables such as bell pepper, onion, tomato, and mushrooms are often grilled as kebabs. Individual kebabs may contain both meat and vegetables. Modern versions of this food also incorporate fruits such as pineapple and apple to the kebabs.

Depending on the desire of the diner, or the vision of the chef, they can construct kebabs and cook them in a variety of ways using traditional Turkish spices and herbs. Whatever the combination of ingredients ultimately ends up being, the outcome is always the same. The Turkish kebab is a delicious meal on a stick that clearly and flavorfully represents the unique taste of Turkey.