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Wood-Fire Brick Oven Pizza: Best Pizza in NYC

Wood-Fire Brick Oven Pizza: Best Pizza in NYC

Pizza was born in wood-fire brick ovens, and they still provide a unique environment to make incredible pizzas. In these traditional ovens, the bricks radiate back the heat, cooking the pizza evenly and completely. The wood gives the pizza the subtlest of earthy flavors. Wood-fire brick ovens make pizzas with an engrossing taste and texture. These pizzas are the real thing and the antithesis of microwave pizzas and delivery chains. Even though this is common knowledge, NYC brick oven pizza isn’t on every street corner.

Before arriving in NYC, wood-fire brick ovens have been used by the people of Naples for cooking pizza for hundreds of years, and no other oven has improved on this oven design. A Renato wood-fire, brick oven is at the center of Bodrum, both in the restaurant and on the menu.  Only with the Neapolitan-style oven can our pizza restaurant produce the high quality specialty pizzas that we are known for.

Brick ovens are ideal for making all kinds of pizza, not just marinara and margherita. Surprising ingredients such as artichoke, calamari, broccoli, kalamata olives, and lamb enliven our pizzas. Jalapeno, fennel and arugula round them out into distinct tastes and personal favorites. The ability of a brick oven to cook a pie just right plays a vital role in integrating the wide variety of tastes that make Bodrum a fixture for both families and professionals in the Upper West Side. Of course, we don’t skimp on the dough as it is a pivotal element to getting the most out of the oven. Every step is taken so that our oven produces the best thin crust pizza in NYC.

To be called a first-class pizza restaurant, you have to put work and ingenuity into pizzas. We know with the right techniques pizza forms the perfect canvas for delicious flavors both popular and new. And the wood-fire brick oven is at the heart of that.